To be a respected building contractor that always delivers beyond expectation.


To secure building projects at a competitive price, providing safe working conditions and deliver quality products in a timely manner.

We are an 8 year old company with over 50 years experience.

After eight years in the highly competitive industry, SLS ALPHA ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION SDN BHD has proven to be a contractor that provides quality work at competitive pricing. Although a relatively new company, SLS ALPHA enjoys the combined experience of her directors’ over 50 years in the industry.

The reputation of our clients with theirs is of utmost importance to us. We believe it is our responsibility to deliver every project as efficiently as possible. Hence our objective is to ensure that all projects we undertake receive our closest attention.

With a focus on client satisfaction, our ability to deliver is achieved through sound management practices, accountability at all levels, as well as the investment and adoption of modern building technologies.

This is why SLS ALPHA is your perfect match.

When you engage us for your building works, whether building construction or infrastructure works, you can be assured of:

Timely Delivery

Through the adoption of modern building processes, you can be assured of on-schedule completion of your projects.

Consistent Quality

With the application of aluminium formwork system that greatly reduces human error, the quality of our output will be consistent throughout.

Reduced Wastage

The formwork system allows us to complete a project with greatly reduced need for timber. This further contributes to a cleaner and safer worksite.

Green Construction

Our adoption of reusable formwork system will greatly assist you toward securing favourable ratings for your projects under the Green Building Index.

Effective Management

We maintain open channels of communication with architects, engineers and clients. We also practice a consistent on-site presence, to ensure all details of design and construction are carefully managed from start to finish.


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