Investments in technology that pays you dividends.

We believe in being current with construction techniques and approaches, and consider the additional investment in technology worthwhile as it ensures better quality and more cost effective results for our clients. To this end, we have adopted several approaches which although not new to the industry, are rarely adopted by contractors of our classification.

Kumkang Kind Aluminium Formwork System

One of the most important aspect of a successful structural construction is the formwork system. Kumkang Kind’s formwork system has been successfully used on high-rise buildings and mega projects. The system is efficient and cost effective due to its lightweight nature facilitating hand-held shuttering. It is also flexible, adaptable, and environmentally friendly. Our adoption of this system has seen us improve our speed of construction, which ultimately translates to better cost savings and rofitability for our clients. Other technologies and processes we are currently exploring and look to roll out in the nearto mid-term include:

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM is actively promoted by CIDB as it enhances professionalism and efficiency within the construction industry. It will improve project management, and reduce cost overruns arising from errors in building plans.


Quality Assessment System In Construction (QLASSIC)

It is our intention to submit our projects for QLASSIC assessment, the independent method to measure and evaluate quality of workmanship on construction works.

Green Building Index

It is our intention to assist our clients, that are pursuing green ratings for their projects, by adopting a green approach to construction. We believe that with our aluminium formwork system, we are already half way to achieving this. We are constantly updating our knowledge of the latest technologies and systems to adopt with a view to further improve the quality of our service.



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